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Let’s Read the Internet! week 5

November 16, 2008

I haven’t been reading the internet quite as much recently. I’m glad not to have wasted so much time, but sad to have left so many little blue links unpurplized.

Cyanide and Happiness

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Ten Worst Domain Names
Not really go for high-quality content this week.

Web 2.0 Presentation
Lawrence Lessig

“We need to recognize that the Presidency is not at the core of the cancer that infects this democracy.”

What Desires Are Politically Important?
Bertrand Russell

Pontificating, old school.

Tennis Ball High Speed Photography

Election Maps

Ian sent me this visualizations of the data from the presidential election.

The Best Possible Way to Go
This is another good option

Time Management for Anarchists
It’s a little ironic to post a comic about not wasting time on the internet.

Some Sort of IQ Test
I scored 139 or so. But I would have done better if the questions hadn’t been so hard.

Smart People Play Nice
Now that I’ve proved I’m smart (see above), being a good guy follows as a corollary.

Project Euler
Okay, so I’ve only done eight of these so far (it’s a programming competition, but a few actually do not require anything but a little brain power). Also, I only got through the last few I completed when I learned that Java has a built-in arbitrary precision arithmetic class. Yay for taking the lazy way out.