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Scientia Pro Publica #31 is Up

May 24, 2010

This blog teaches you science. For example, if your pet canary read this blog, it would learn that it is descended from dinosaurs, and it would think it is hot shit. Then it would learn that it is going to die one day. That’s science.

My post The Evolution of Sexy is one of those featured on the latest edition of Scientia Pro Publica at 360 Degree Skeptic. Not because I did such a good job, but because I filled out a submission form recommending myself.

You should go read the blog carnival because all the posts are awesome, except for one, which sucks really hard. Which one? I’m not telling you. You will have to read them all and find it for yourself. It will be like finding a specific needle in a stack of ten needles, except instead of needles you have a blog posts.