Three Things Every Man Should Have and Know

I turn around and all the sudden my Facebook friends are getting excited about becoming 30-year old women. So in response to 30 Things Every Woman Should blah blah blah, here are some things a man should have and know before he turns 30.


Something he’s good at (preferably marketable).
Some self-confidence.
Training in at least five ways to exterminate a zombie.


How to eat well, exercise, and manage money.
Who his friends are.
Where the clit is.

I think that should pretty much cover it.


3 Responses to “Three Things Every Man Should Have and Know”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t find the clit on google maps.

  2. Mark Eichenlaub Says:

    I found your mom’s clit on google maps.

  3. Simplicio Says:

    Hmm…there’s 5% or so of the male population for whom “knowing where the clit is” is of at most, purely academic interest.

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