Two Stick Figures Walk Into A Bar…

Two stick figures walk into a bar. They sit at the biggest table there and play a drinking game.

“You’re such a loser. We ought to euthanize you along with all the old people,” said one stick figure as the other spun his quarter across the wide table top.

“I’m trying my best,” replied the second as he missed his quarter and it fell down out of reach in the middle of the table.

“I knew you’d fail. You’re worse at this game than asian people are at non-badminton sports,” said the first stick figure.

“It wasn’t that bad. And besides, you couldn’t do better,” said the second stick figure, but he sank back in his seat and looked down at his hands.

“Don’t you have one of those ridiculous old-fashioned phones? The one whose speaker is six inches across?” asked the first. “Use it to reach out and grab your stupid coin. You deserve a second chance, just like a man who’s just had his first homosexual encounter.”

And that was how the offensive line-man told the defensive line-man to use his wide receiver to get his quarter back from the center.


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