This is supposed to be a blog. It isn’t. It’s just the standard WordPress template with posts coming in irregular bursts.

Part of being a blog is that you’re supposed to be integrated into the blogosphere. This is because if you take a bunch of meaningless things and endlessly interconnect them, you get what’s known in science as an emergent phenomenon, in this case endless confusion. So I really ought to hook up to the blogosphere and get in on that.

On the other hand, it turns out there are these people who want blogs to be useful. So what they do is sift, organize, centralize, and bring similar bloggers together. GrrlScientist (real name, I think. You wouldn’t put a fake name in the internet, right?) is one such person. She (or he, I suppose) runs Scientia Pro Publica, a blog carnival whose goal it is to make science understandable to everyone by writing in Latin. She’s hosted the 13th edition of Scientia today on her blog, including about 20 essays in popular science. They’re heavy on the life sciences, discussing such topics as parasites that eat weaverfish tongues and why I still don’t understand evolution. (Seriously, I don’t.)

There’s some meta-discussion of science, a post about the suckiness of iPhone camera, and they graciously included my post about retroreflectors on the moon as the only physics/astronomy representative.



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